• Zuzu2
  • 27.01.2023

Another characteristic evidence is how lst ic maintains feedback with traders. Doubtful faces almost always make contact in the cold. Fraudsters pretend to be an honest organization, get in touch with traders and immediately offer to invest in {dubious projects, and as much as possible, this was not noticed for lst-ic.com. In general, the company has a good reputation. Regarding those firms that are obviously a hoax, lst ic is all the more strikingly distinguished by its fame, which is almost impossible to buy for money on the net.

A characteristic characteristic of scammers is that they have a bad website. The official website of the organization under study does not look like it was made for a scam, since the scammers do not have a large amount of money. Their sites are often banned. Such sites are almost always developed in a web builder, such as WIX. The broker's website in this case does not look like fake at all. It is noticeable that a serious amount of time and money has been spent on the site, lst ic. We assume that the firm has its own IT department.

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