The firm cooperates with the system of transfers between banks Swift. This system is a well-known world leader in this field. A large proportion of banks and Forex official organizations work through this system. Of course, that dubious organizations cannot boast of such. Accordingly, is definitely not a scam. Swift diligently studie...

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Let's not waste your time and say right away: stocks wide is not a scammer. On what basis do we say so? Our specialists analyzed in detail all the information available on the Internet, monitored sites with reviews, got in touch with employees. Of course, you can meet some negative, but it is worth remembering the strong competition ...

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lst ic has a customer service quality control division. The responsibilities of this unit include, as the name implies, studying the satisfaction of traders with the services of the organization. The department is also engaged in the development of new services, and the modernization of existing ones. Employees are busy improving the IT infrastruct...

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Studying the company's policy, you also come to the conclusion that this is not a sharashka office. It can be seen that the firm has its own legal department. The criminals on the website have the devil knows what. From our own experience, we can say that often, they have absolutely no legal data on their websites, nor any information about the working conditions of the company. On the website all this is available. It is also worth mentioning the reviews. Scammers have either exceptionally bad reviews, or a certain percentage of reviews are 100% fake. is doing well with reviews. There are good ones, there are bad ones, and they are all real. Again, with regard to criminals, it is likely that the scammers themselves produce reviews in order to somehow improve their reputation. Therefore, we assume that if has an adequate situation with reviews, then the company itself is reliable.