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  • 27.01.2023

lst ic has a customer service quality control division. The responsibilities of this unit include, as the name implies, studying the satisfaction of traders with the services of the organization. The department is also engaged in the development of new services, and the modernization of existing ones. Employees are busy improving the IT infrastructure of lst-ic.com Forex broker. The work is proceeding in similar areas as testing new services on the trading platform, eliminating inevitable errors in the software. But the primary role is given to the improvement of the lst ic platform. The goal is clear, to make working on the platform more convenient. This is evidenced by reviews of lst ic. Accordingly, it becomes clear that the company takes care of its own users. In the context of the question: is lst ic a scam, this is important for 3 reasons:

    Scammers don't care about the victims. They only care about money;
    As it was said at the beginning of the article, lst-ic.com has a well-established website, and shadow companies, as a rule, cannot boast of such;
    Websites of criminals are quickly banned, even if they were going to look like a legal organization, they would not have time.
    Learn more about reviews on lst-ic.com

It is important to mention one more thing about reviews: they are extremely difficult to fake, and not only because false reviews are very noticeable, because of the same type. Review sites that care about their own interests will not allow this. Of course, if the lst ic broker was trying to improve its reputation, then the site administrators would quickly stop it. In the event that the portal is noticed that it works lousy with fake reviews, then its honor will suffer. It is the same with intentionally turning a blind eye to this kind of activity. In any case, lst-ic.com has not been found to have this kind of impact on reviews. We specifically got in touch with a representative of the portal, and he agreed that this is the case with attempts to cheat reviews. Based on the fact that the reviews from the company are authentic and it is almost impossible to buy them. The conclusion is: lst-ic.com is not a scam!

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