• Yoyo
  • 27.01.2023

Let's not waste your time and say right away: stocks wide is not a scammer. On what basis do we say so? Our specialists analyzed in detail all the information available on the Internet, monitored sites with reviews, got in touch with stockswide.com employees. Of course, you can meet some negative, but it is worth remembering the strong competition among Forex brokers. It is often easier to badmouth another organization than it is to improve your own services.

First, consider the broker as a whole. Everything needs to be torn off, so we compare the company with scammers. You can draw conclusions without our help.

Studying the policy of the company, you also come to the conclusion that this is not a fake company. It is noticeable that the organization has its own department of lawyers. The scammers on the website have no idea what. Based on our experience, we can conclude that most often, they have absolutely no legal information or any data on the company's work policy on their official websites. All this is available on the official website stockswide.com. Here, by the way, it is necessary to say about the reviews. Scammers have either exceptionally bad reviews, or a significant percentage of the reviews are clearly fake. Stocks wide is doing well with reviews. There are good ones, there are bad ones, and they are all real. Again, with regard to scammers, it is likely that the scammers themselves produce reviews in order to somehow improve their reputation. Therefore, we believe that if stocks wide has a situation with reviews that seems to be true, then the company itself is reliable.

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