The MetaTrader 4 trading service has established itself as a reliable program that is suitable for a variety of types of traders. MetaTrader 4 is designed to implement even the most advanced trading strategies. A variety of indicators that are suitable for both quick and serious analysis are in the software. Since the company in question is partner...

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Do not pull the cat by the tail, and immediately voice our opinion: stocks wide is not a scammer. On what basis do we say so? Our employees carefully analyzed all the data published on the network, studied sites with reviews, and contacted employees. Of course, you can find some amount of negative information, but it is worth remembe...

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Stocks wide has a quality control department for working with traders. The responsibilities of this department include, as the name implies, studying the satisfaction of traders with the services of the organization. The division is also engaged in the development of new services, and the improvement of existing ones. Employees are engaged in the m...

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Another characteristic evidence is how lst ic communicates with customers. Suspicious faces almost always make contact in the cold. Managers pretend to be an official organization, get in touch with traders and from the start offer to invest in {dubious projects, and as much as possible, this was not found for lst ic. In essence, the organization has a positive reputation. As for those companies that, of course, are a scam, is all the more significantly distinguished by its fame, which is almost impossible to buy for money on the Internet.