• Tutu2
  • 27.01.2023

It is important to say the following about reviews: they are extremely difficult to fake, and not only because false reviews are very noticeable, but because of the stereotype. Review portals that care about their own interests will not allow this. Of course, if the stockswide.com broker tried to strengthen its reputation, then site moderators would quickly stop it. In the event that the portal is caught on the fact that it works lousy with fake reviews, then it will suffer. The same thing happens with the deliberate aversion of eyes to such incidents. Anyway, stockswide.com has not been found to have this kind of impact on reviews. Our experts specifically contacted the site employee, and he agreed that this is what happens with cases of buying reviews. Based on the fact that the reviews of the organization are real and it is almost impossible to cheat them. The conclusion is: stocks wide is not a scam!

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