• Popo2
  • 27.01.2023

Do not pull the cat by the tail, and immediately voice our opinion: stocks wide is not a scammer. On what basis do we say so? Our employees carefully analyzed all the data published on the network, studied sites with reviews, and contacted stockswide.com employees. Of course, you can find some amount of negative information, but it is worth remembering the high competition among Forex brokers. Quite often it's easier to give another brokerage firm shit than it is to develop your own services.

Another clear indicator is how stockswide.com maintains feedback from users. Dubious managers almost always call cold calls. Fraudsters pretend to be honest brokers, contact people and immediately offer to invest money in shady projects, and as much as possible, nothing like this was found on stockswide.com. In general, the company has a positive reputation. Regarding those brokers that are obviously a scam, stocks wide is all the more strikingly distinguished by its reputation, which is almost impossible to buy for money on the Internet.

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